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A Good Friday Prayer

This is “Love Lustres at Calvary” from The Valley of Vision. A moving and fitting prayer for Holy Week. My Father, Enlarge my heart, warm my affections, open my lips,    supply words that proclaim ‘Love lustres at Calvary.’ There grace removes … Continue reading

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When They Die They Do Not Perish

“Now that the Savior has raised His body, death is no longer terrible, but all those who believe in Christ tread it underfoot as nothing, and prefer to die rather than to deny their faith in Christ, knowing full well … Continue reading

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Where “Ours” Surpasses “Mine”

From Wendell Berry, on marriage: “Marriage, in what is evidently its most popular version, is now on the one hand an intimate ‘relationship’ involving (ideally) two successful careerists in the same bed, and on the other hand a sort of … Continue reading

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Where the Wind Blows

In case you’re unsure about how/if your church should respond to culture, here are two ways to look at it. In his new book, Deep and Wide, Andy Stanley asserts: “Culture is like the wind. You can’t stop it. You … Continue reading

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Of Another World

Novelist Larry Woiwode, in his Words for Readers and Writers, admires Scripture for its literary genius: For me, a writer aware of how much more complex each book becomes with each sentence added, it was the clarity of the patterns and … Continue reading

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The Lure of Applause

In Matthew 6:1, Jesus instructs his hearers to “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven” (cf. Gal 1:10; 1 Thess … Continue reading

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The Message of the Bible

Anything that aids in understanding the story of the Bible is worth highlighting.  Here are two things that do that.  The first is a nice summary of the Bible’s message in 221 words from D.A. Carson.  It’s from For Such a Time … Continue reading

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