Thank God for Moms

My two daughters are very young, but God has already been very kind to them. There are a number of reasons I say that, like the health and happiness they enjoy, and the fact that they were born into a time and place where the Bible is in their language, and into a family and church where they’re going to hear it a lot.

But God has shown unique kindness to Willa and Everly by giving them their mother. To watch Anna care for these two little girls is to behold a display of Christlike service and sacrifice. Our girls have the privilege of learning from their mother, who aches for them to know Jesus and teaches them diligently to that end.

And they have the privilege of watching Anna live. Without knowing it, they are enrolled in a life-long masterclass on hard work, joy, organization, godliness, humility, womanhood, service, and how to love your family.

I couldn’t help but grow yet more grateful for Anna as I read Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. In the book, Chesterton describes the “tyranny…of women,” whose role and authority is singularly formative for their children. By the time a child goes off to school, the formation has already happened: “the real thing has been done already, and thank God it is nearly always done by women.” He then says that if men ever march to protest against this tyranny, “I shall not join their procession.” Amen and amen.

At the Together for the Gospel conference in 2012, John Piper mentioned the significance of his mother. During a panel discussion on the inerrancy of Scripture, Mark Dever asked Piper why he believes the Bible to be true. Piper’s first response: “My momma told me it was true,” which was met with understanding nods and applause. Piper referenced 2 Timothy 3:14-15, which attests to the legitimacy of this kind of influence. It’s a great moment (you can watch it here).

A mother who teaches her children that the Bible is true – and that the Jesus it reveals is worth following at all costs – is a merciful tyrant, wielding her influence for the eternal good of those entrusted to her.

Thank God for moms, and thank God for the mom he gave to my girls. What a gift.

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2 Responses to Thank God for Moms

  1. Isaac Landecker says:

    I like this post Matt! I’m happy things are going well for you and Anna as you raise your girls. I’m proud of you.


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