Jesus Is Better

In Hebrews 1:1-4, the author claims, in majestic language, that Jesus is God’s supreme revelation. He’s better than the prophets, better than angels.

In what ways, then, is Jesus better than what came before?

Adam named the creatures, but Jesus made the creatures.
Abraham fathered many nations, but Jesus is Lord of nations.
Moses gave the Law, but Jesus has the words of eternal life.
Aaron offered sacrifices for his people, but Jesus offered himself for his people.
Joshua conquered the land, but Jesus conquered death.
David saved from the Philistines, but Jesus saves from sin and hell.
Solomon knew the wisdom of God, but Jesus is the wisdom of God.
Elijah and the prophets received the words of God, but Jesus is the Word of God.

We strive to bring God glory, but Jesus is God’s glory.

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