I have mentioned that I occasionally read the blog The Art of Manliness. Once in a while, they post something instructive (e.g. how to carve a turkey), or even something insightful (e.g. the lack of well-spoken men today).

One of their posts, which could be categorized as the latter, addresses “spectatoritis,” which consists of spending  too much time passively spectating instead of doing. “Spectatoritis” has various manifestations in our culture: watching sports, movies, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Some even take a similarly passive approach to worship; they’re there merely to receive.

The problem isn’t that we occasionally watch a game or use the internet, the problem occurs when we devote excessive amounts of time to watching and reacting to other people instead of accomplishing anything ourselves. We try “to experience vicariously the virtues of others, without having to cultivate them ourselves.” We become viewers rather than doers. Passivity is an enemy, and we need to fight against it.

Read the whole blog here: Viewers vs. Doers: The Rise of Spectatoritis

(Disclaimer: I wrote this while watching football…)

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