My Favorite Classes at Southern Seminary

I graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in May. It’s hard to measure the impact of an experience like seminary so soon, so I’m not going to attempt that here. I just want to list my favorite classes from my 3 years at Southern. For any current or prospective students, perhaps this will be of help.

  1. Greek Exegesis of MatthewDr. Pennington. I improved my Greek and learned a lot about the first Gospel, but I’m most grateful for walking away with a better grasp of how to read and appreciate the Gospels.
  2. Systematic Theology IDr. Ware. I left this class with a higher view of God and a deeper love for Him and His word. Dr. Ware’s passion is infectious; there were times when all I could do after this class was find a place to pray and worship.
  3. New Testament II (Acts-Revelation)Dr. Schreiner. I know few people (any?) who know the Bible like Dr. Schreiner and who possess a unique ability to teach it with clarity. I also know few people who are as humble, approachable, and seemingly unaware of their own gifting as Dr. Schreiner.
  4. Christian EthicsDr. Moore. This class helped me think about ethical issues more clearly. Dr. Moore is a sharp guy (check out his website), and watching him work through the important issues was impressive.
  5. Hebrew CompositionDr. Fuller. This class was a ton of work and really helped my Hebrew. Even though it demanded a lot of time, it was actually enjoyable and rewarding.
  6. Advanced Greek GrammarDr. Gentry. I’m not sure if I’m including this because I really enjoyed the class or am simply glad that I completed it without serious injury. Regardless, this was the most demanding class I took at Southern, and I learned a ton.

Other noteworthy classes:
Biblical HermeneuticsDr. Hamilton. He knows his Bible and this was a chance to see him model biblical theology through the semester. My lasting impression: I need to know the Bible better.
Greek Exegesis of Romans – Dr. Schreiner. Romans is an important letter, and there is nobody from whom I’d rather learn it than Dr. Schreiner. He’s got a great commentary on it.
Old Testament I (Genesis-2 Chronicles) – Dr. Gentry. These are the lectures that gave birth to this important book.

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3 Responses to My Favorite Classes at Southern Seminary

  1. mitchchase says:

    What a great list of classes! Glad you enjoyed your SBTS experience. Other students should follow the above recommendations to help shape their class schedules!

  2. Fletcher Lang says:

    Several of these are on my favorites list too. Thanks for posting this!

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