Teddy Roosevelt: So Much Else Other Than Self

I just finished David McCullough’s Mornings on Horseback, an excellent biography covering the first half of Theodore Roosevelt’s life.  I’ve read a few presidential biographies, and I can’t help but be impressed and inspired by the lives of these men, imperfect thoughmornings they were.  The most striking thing about Roosevelt was his sheer energy and activity, resulting in immense productivity in various arenas during his life.

There were some great descriptions of Roosevelt throughout, but two of them highlighted this intensity of life that I found inspiring.  The first is from a lifelong friend of Roosevelt, and the second from McCullough in the last paragraph of the book’s afterword.

“…he was so alive at all points, and so gifted with the rare faculty of living intensely and entirely in every moment as it passed…” (368)

Roosevelt’s sister “never ceased to be amazed at her brother or to be inspirited by his power of curiosity, by that delight in so much else other than self…” (370, emphasis mine)

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