Um…like…ya know?

Say what you will, but I occasionally read the blog The Art of Manliness.  They recently had an article on the value of being well-spoken, giving special attention to the filler in our speech:

Filler consists of empty, extraneous language that pads your sentences without adding any additional meaning. It’s like empty calories – it’s there, but it doesn’t nourish. Examples of fillers include words and phrases such as “I mean,” “sort of,” “ya know?” “well,” and of course, “like.”  But the most famous fillers of all — the type that comes in for the most attention and disdain – are “uh” and “um.”

One of the reasons they cite for the filler epidemic is a lack of confidence in what we say.  This might seem obvious, but one wonders when it became cool to speak with such uncertainty.  This type of speech is the subject of this funny and perceptive clip:

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