What We Miss

Tim Challies mused a few days back on our impulse to capture and record moments rather than simply experience them.  I’m guilty of this at times, so perhaps that is why it resonates.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with taking pictures or video, but it’s worth thinking about.  Here’s the crux:

I wonder how many beautiful moments we miss because we are afraid we will miss them. Instead of living fully in the moment, enjoying the music or the sunrise or the games with our children, we fall into this strange habit of recording it all. We experience the sunrise through the lens of an iPhone instead of just basking in it, we tinker with focus and angles recording quality instead of just enjoying the music. When all is said and done, we’ve recorded an experience that we missed out on, and the replay is just never as good.

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2 Responses to What We Miss

  1. Brett says:

    Yeah, I 100% agree with this. My addition would be that we remember things differently too. Instead of “direct memories” we have “memories of recorded memories”. E.g. I hardly remember the experience of being a player in some high school basketball games just because I’ve seen the highlights so many times that what’s recorded is what I “remember”.

    (Section 8 shout out! 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Brett – good to hear from you! I agree, although the recorded memory didn’t inhibit your ability to fully experience the game since you weren’t the one recording. Also (and you’re not saying this), the goal of experiencing things isn’t merely to remember them. As Doug Wilson says, we don’t have to remember things to know that we’ve been shaped by them (e.g. the first five years of your life). Hope you’re well, brother!

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