Book Bits: Robert Letham’s The Work of Christ

Here are a few worthy quotes thus far from Letham’s The Work of Christ.

1.  “The work Christ came to do was seen as the fulfilment of everything that the prophets had foretold, of all that the priesthood and cultus had foreshadowed and of all that the kingdom had imperfectly portrayed” (21).

2.  “The disobedience of Adam enacted on a tree was remedied by Christ’s obedience on the tree” (28).

3.  On Jesus as prophet:  “He never once used the stock formula of the prophets, ‘the word of the Lord came to me'” (91).  “A prophet spoke God’s word only when under the influence of the Spirit of God.  Otherwise he was an ordinary fallen man, sinful and weak.  Jesus, on the other hand, who is our Lord, the Word made flesh, spoke on his own authority” (94).   “It is appropriate to regard Scripture itself as an aspect of the prophetic ministry of Christ” (100).

4.  “Adam was tempted in a beautiful garden and succumbed.  The second Adam was tempted in a bleak desert yet triumphed” (114-115).

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